What is Yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy.
Yoga is a lifestyle.
Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.
Yoga is either energizing or calming or both.
Yoga is for everybody!

To understand the total value of Yoga it has to be experienced!


Research has proven Yoga influences flexibility in body and mind, strengthens muscles and bones.
It works on balance, proprioception, posture and the cardiovascular system.
It improves lung and immune function, increases oxygenation of tissues and circulation in the lymphatic system.
It lowers level of stress hormones, blood sugar, blood pressure and the need for medication.
It improves bowel function and promotes weightloss.
It keeps joints mobile and relieves pain.
It relaxes the nervous system and improves brain function.
Yoga encourages involvement in self-healing.

Ideally bring your own non slip Yoga mat, plus a large towel or blanket, thick socks and a warm jumper.
Wear comfy sports clothes.
Be prepared to take your socks off.
Blocks, Bricks and Straps will be provided.

Always let me know of any health conditions or concerns.
Do not eat a main meal or drink prior the session.
Perform with ease, elegance and grace.
Never force, strain, or risk hurting yourself.
Accept your own rate of progress.
Remember Yoga is non-competitive.
Respect your fellow Yogis and Yoginis.
Yoga is for everybody.

Pregnant Ladies check with your GP/midwife that Yoga is good for you.
Only perform simple non strenuous exercises.
Avoid inverted postures.
Your emphasis should be on conscious breathing and relaxation.

Fundamentals of Yogic Breathing
Preliminary Exercises
Seated Poses
Standing Poses
Balancing Poses
Spinal Twists
Abdominal Work
Dynamic Poses